I'm not good AT ALL at writing in general. So writing this about me is going to be a struggle, bear with me y'all. 

I reside in a big city called Houston (well the outskirts but everyone knows where Houston is.) and it's not my forever home, because my ideal lifestyle involves living out of my suitcase. I'm a crazy dog lady, well, crazy animal lady if we are being real honest. I love coffee, netflix, anything handmade, oddities and curiosities, spontaneity, and open minds. I am a night owl (seriously, I never sleep) and because of that I most likely will only reply to emails from 7pm-2am and will probably deliver your galleries just as late. I can't function before 10am but I will always answer any phone calls (if I have your number). 

I care about people and I care about art and that's how I stumbled into this career. Documenting moments, creating friendships, sharing love for mutual interests. This is what keeps me going.

Thank you for reading this far, I'm not really sure how to end this.. so.. let's create something magical together!

If you're newly engaged please visit my other site: :)

Traveling Portait and Wedding Photographer. Based in Houston, Texas.

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